Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Picture Books by hand and E-book Presentation


The organizer: Institute for Information Industry

The co-organizer: SCBWI-Taiwan

Moderator: Miss. Shu Nu Candy Yen、Miss. Ariel Pang

Place:Digital Education Institute, DEI


In order to let illustrator learn more information how to make E-book, SCBWI-Taiwan had cooperated with Institute for Information Industry to teach them to make E-book.

Eleven illustrators had presented their works, including picture books by hand and E-book.

We also invites children's book Press's chief editor and E-book company's manager to talk more about what kind of topic or stories which they like to publish.

It's successful presentation. E-book companies and children's book Press find some illustrators to cooperate with them.

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